Blog Newbie

Never thought I’d be saying this, but I now have my own blog. Never really had the desire for one because when I first think of blogs, I think of people who have way too much time on their hands!

Although there are some pretty entertaining people out there who actually have practical things to say and amazing experiences to share, there are those who feel the need to advertise everything, like what they’re planning to make for dinner tonight. That’s excessive. Unless you’re an extremely difficult person to get a hold of, or you’re inviting Gordon Ramsey over for dinner, the majority of us don’t want to hear.

Giving In To Peer Pressure

Being a blog newbie myself, I figured it would be easy to fall under the category of excessive, and not to mention dangerous. What better way to attract a stalker than to update your status every hour! Okay I admit, I tried to avoid Facebook for the longest time before I finally succumbed to peer pressure. I like that you can find old friends and make new ones, share pictures and videos, play games with people around the world, and see what events are happening around town. I think it’s quite useful, and glad I joined the craze! Twitter, on the otherhand, is something I refuse to even look at. I give you my word.

Blog Etiquette

So what are the rules? Well for starters, I’d say a good blog has a point to it that most would find useful. Write on topics that matter. Seen an exceptionally funny movie? Had a horrible experience at a particular restaurant? Write about this! We want to see that movie and avoid that restaurant! Finally, keep some things to yourself; remember, a little mystery can be just as intriguing.


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