I Love Satire

If anyone’s looking for a good laugh, I recommend checking out www.theonion.com. Described as “America’s Finest News Source,” you can’t go wrong here, right? With stories with headings that read, “Nike Introduces New Intercourse Shoe,” and “Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard,” you know you’re in for some quality journalism!

Now I don’t know how The Onion makes everything look so realistic. I admit, the MacBook Wheel story had me thinking, is this real!? No way could a giant ipod computer catch on. But when you watch the story more, you can definitely catch the sarcasm in there:

  • Everything you need is just 100 clicks away!
  • A whooping 19 minute battery life!
  • Virtually unbreakable unless dropped or hit!
  • Fourty-five minutes to type an email!

One of my favourite stories is “Sony Introduces New Stupid Piece of…” Well, you get the rest (I have to warn you that this story contains explicit language!). It just goes to show you how many useless and unnecessary gizmos we have out there, all because companies like Sony and Apple want to make something new every 10 seconds. You know the feeling, when you get a brand new phone or computer, and within a month, something else comes out that one-ups it? It’s a never-ending cycle!

This is why I like The Onion. The entire site is a satire, covering everything from politics to technology to entertainment. It has a little something for everybody. So when you’re tired of reading or watching the same old stories in the newspaper or tv, or simply just looking for a chuckle, go to The Onion now!



1 Response to “I Love Satire”

  1. 1 Tisha
    May 26, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    I have seen that Sony video before – hilarious!

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