Take Care Of Your Photographs

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Subject line: Backup Your Photos for Free Online

If your house was on fire and you could only take one item with you, what would it be? For many, one of the first things we would say is our photo albums. Unlike a cell phone or Playstation, photographs are irreplaceable. They capture memories of specific moments in time, tell stories, and create new ones.

Share Your Photos Online

Online photo storage sites provide a fast and convenient way to backup photos. Many are free! Try Photobucket or Flickr. They include features such as:

  • organizing to make searching through hundreds of photos a breeze
  • storage for up to 10,000 images, and hours of video
  • creating slideshows and adding special effects
  • sharing with others
  • linking to blogs and websites

Old-Fashioned Way

Or you can do what I do and make scrapbooks! If you’re more of an arts and crafts kind of person, and not a big technological geek, then do it the cut-and-paste way. I like having something I can hold on to, rather than putting all my trust into the internet. Privacy is also a big issue – something the internet can never guarantee.

Either way you do it, it must be done! Putting in some time and effort will save you from a lifetime of worry and woe. You can find more information on photo backup and discuss the pros and cons of film and digital backup methods on my most recent blog post, Film Vs. Digital.


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