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MacBook Fail Scare

Last week, I had my first computer break down scare while working on the midterm project for Photoshop. Most of you would wholeheartedly agree that it’s one of the worst realizations in the world, up there with losing your wallet, or forgetting that your cell phone was in your pants pocket and it’s going through the washing machine (unfortunately, I’ve had both happen before)!

What Happened?

I was on a roll. Finally after a week of stressing out and even dreaming about that ever so time-consuming Photoshop project, I had finished! Only thing left to do was to save it, and how hard could that be? Apparently quite difficult in my case. I was literally 2 seconds away to save when suddenly, the screen went black!

The first thing I did was try the “On” button. Nothing. Wait a few seconds maybe?… Nope! Uh-oh. I must’ve grown about 30 gray hairs at that moment.

Tricky Laptop!

Do these MacBooks warn you when the battery is running low? I wouldn’t know, because I was listening to music in my room (helps me and my brain study), and I couldn’t hear anything.

That warning beep, if there was one, would’ve saved me loads of worry! Finally looking down, I noticed that the power adapter wasn’t plugged in; I must’ve kicked it out somehow in a fit of rage while Photoshopping for 5 hours straight! Poor laptop had been running on batteries for who knows how long! Silly feet.

Lesson Learned

Now I’ve never had a computer completely crash on me while working on something important (knock on wood) but some of my friends had things happen where they had to send their computer away to get fixed, and lose everything that was on there. So I was highly advised to get that external hard drive to backup my work, but I thought, hey, my computer is brand new, and I haven’t gotten into the huge projects yet, so I thought I’d wait.

Well, last weekend I took a trip over to my local NCIX store and forked over $90 for that backup hard drive. It shall be a pricey but much needed investment! Other things I learned:

  • Check to see if you’re computer is actually plugged in when it shuts down unexpectedly
  • Save what you’re doing every 30 minutes, no matter what you’re doing
  • Don’t listen to music so loud, your computer might be trying to tell you something!

I Love Satire

If anyone’s looking for a good laugh, I recommend checking out Described as “America’s Finest News Source,” you can’t go wrong here, right? With stories with headings that read, “Nike Introduces New Intercourse Shoe,” and “Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard,” you know you’re in for some quality journalism!

Now I don’t know how The Onion makes everything look so realistic. I admit, the MacBook Wheel story had me thinking, is this real!? No way could a giant ipod computer catch on. But when you watch the story more, you can definitely catch the sarcasm in there:

  • Everything you need is just 100 clicks away!
  • A whooping 19 minute battery life!
  • Virtually unbreakable unless dropped or hit!
  • Fourty-five minutes to type an email!

One of my favourite stories is “Sony Introduces New Stupid Piece of…” Well, you get the rest (I have to warn you that this story contains explicit language!). It just goes to show you how many useless and unnecessary gizmos we have out there, all because companies like Sony and Apple want to make something new every 10 seconds. You know the feeling, when you get a brand new phone or computer, and within a month, something else comes out that one-ups it? It’s a never-ending cycle!

This is why I like The Onion. The entire site is a satire, covering everything from politics to technology to entertainment. It has a little something for everybody. So when you’re tired of reading or watching the same old stories in the newspaper or tv, or simply just looking for a chuckle, go to The Onion now!



So Far So Good…

I’m counting down the weeks until graduation already… This would be Week 4 of 52 at school, and it looks like we’ve all survived the first month with our sanity intact!

Great job everybody! It’s been both the longest and quickest months I’ve ever experienced, if that’s even possible… some days seem to go on forever, and other times I find myself scrambling to get things done. Can’t wait to get out of here and into the workforce, but at the same time, I’m happy now; the homework isn’t overwhelming (yet!) and the teachers all seem cool. I’ve never thought sitting in a chair all day (a pretty comfy chair at that) would be so tiring! When I first saw the schedule – 7 classes, 5 days a week – I thought that was harsh, but when I think back to those good old high school days, it’s really the same thing, minus the sophisticated super computers. Not being in school for years has left me a little dusty, and not to mention stress-free! I guess that’s the end of that.

Least Favourite Class

Now most likely this topic has already been covered 20 times over, but I was wondering what everybody’s impressions of these first term courses are! The favourite classes? The not-looking-forward-to-waking-up-in-the-morning-and-battling-for-a-parking-spot classes? Take my poll down there! I would say MDIA 2533 – Information Design is the least exciting for me. Too many statistics to look at, percentages to remember. I’m not a number person at all. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the last class at the end of the day, but I usually can’t keep my eyes open in there.

Fun Class

The one class that surprised me the most, in the good kind of way, is MDIA 1190 – Overview of Web Technologies. Didn’t think weird random letters and symbols strewn across the page would classify as interesting. Then actually discovering how it works and the meaning behind all the supposed randomness turned out to be completely fascinating, and definitely on the top of my list of coolest things! Well, from a nerd’s point of view anyway.


Windows Vs. Mac

windows-vista-vs-mac-os-x-video-demonstration-2Finally after 3 weeks of being a long-time Windows user and Mac newbie, I think I’ve finally converted! I was forced to get new MacBook for school, which was a good thing because my old trusty Windows laptop had become inflicted with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Overcoming Mac Problems

It was hard getting used to the new setup though; first time I got it, I didn’t even know how to open the thing because I kept looking for a button or slider contraption to unlock it. There is no button, it just flips open. I kept going to the left-side to exit out of the windows and right-side for desktop icons. I missed the taskbar, the blue windows, and all my games and programs I can usually run on Windows!

Mac Wins

Then one day I needed to use my old computer to find some files on it, and it was then I realized what was so familiar to me before had become foreign. I guess getting used to something new only takes time! Benefits of the Mac include:

  • Lighted keyboard
  • No noisy fan! I can finally sit in bed with the laptop without it getting super hot after 10 minutes.
  • Not having to worry about anti-viruses and spyware. A huge relief, because I’m pretty sure the reason for my old laptop’s demise was due to a virus.

The only thing I don’t like about the Mac, contrary to most people’s beliefs, is its physical appearance. Yes, it’s “sleek,” but so sleek it feels like it could slip out of my hands! And when you go to change any settings, it doesn’t ask to “okay” it, it just automatically changes on you! So be careful about those things, and you’ll be fine.

I’ve installed a Windows partition on my Mac when I got it, for nostalgic reasons, but I found that I’m not using that side of the hard drive at all! I’m deleting Windows on here as we speak…


Blog for Your Pets!

I learned how to add images to blogs this week, so I decided to give it a shot!


This cat is awesome. I first stumbled across a video of him on Collegehumor, where he was known as the famous “Sliding Cat.” I had to find some more, and what better site to find videos of practically anything and everything than the great YouTube!

After much investigative work, I found him. It turns out this cat, a Scottish Fold named Maru, hailing from Japan, has a whole blog dedicated to him! His owner is consistent with updating new videos and pictures, and I don’t know whether it’s the cat or the camera, but they take such beautiful pictures of him! Think they said they used a Nikon D40. I would love a digital SLR camera someday, but until I win the lottery, my 6.2 megapixel Kodak will have to do. But that’s a whole other blog topic.


The site is primarily written in Japanese with some English captions, but I only wish the whole site could be translated, such as the items in the left-hand sidebar, but I go there for the pictures and videos mainly so it’s not a major obstacle, although the English translations are sometimes entertaining! I like how they write the blog from the view of Maru; it adds personality, which this kitty definitely has! When I finally get my own pets (and I plan on getting a few), I have a feeling that I’ll be one of those obsessed people who has to take a picture of everything they do and buy web space to post them up! Because what better way to commemorate the life of your pet than a blog in their name.


So for all you animal-lovers out there, this is one of the best blogs I’ve seen; definitely go check it out!



Blog Newbie

Never thought I’d be saying this, but I now have my own blog. Never really had the desire for one because when I first think of blogs, I think of people who have way too much time on their hands!

Although there are some pretty entertaining people out there who actually have practical things to say and amazing experiences to share, there are those who feel the need to advertise everything, like what they’re planning to make for dinner tonight. That’s excessive. Unless you’re an extremely difficult person to get a hold of, or you’re inviting Gordon Ramsey over for dinner, the majority of us don’t want to hear.

Giving In To Peer Pressure

Being a blog newbie myself, I figured it would be easy to fall under the category of excessive, and not to mention dangerous. What better way to attract a stalker than to update your status every hour! Okay I admit, I tried to avoid Facebook for the longest time before I finally succumbed to peer pressure. I like that you can find old friends and make new ones, share pictures and videos, play games with people around the world, and see what events are happening around town. I think it’s quite useful, and glad I joined the craze! Twitter, on the otherhand, is something I refuse to even look at. I give you my word.

Blog Etiquette

So what are the rules? Well for starters, I’d say a good blog has a point to it that most would find useful. Write on topics that matter. Seen an exceptionally funny movie? Had a horrible experience at a particular restaurant? Write about this! We want to see that movie and avoid that restaurant! Finally, keep some things to yourself; remember, a little mystery can be just as intriguing.

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