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Film Vs. Digital

Keeping an online photo site is like keeping a photo album, except not as private.

As a kid, I loved keeping journals and making scrapbooks. They were a way of keeping mementos and remembering past events. They served as an outlet for my personal thoughts. I could easily hide my books under the bed or behind the dresser, and know that they were safe from prying eyes.

The Good Old Days

I remember taking polaroids and getting pictures developed at the store. It was always an exciting time, not knowing how the pictures turned out. Taking pictures and not getting a preview of it is fun! You never know what you’re going to get when you open the envelope. It was nice having the hard copies. I used to post pictures all over my bedroom wall and look at them everyday!

Collage of photos my friends made for my birthday.

Collage of photos my buddies made me for my birthday. It took forever to make!

The Draw Of Technology

Now I find that I’m falling away from the old-fashioned photo albums and scrapbooks, and being drawn towards online technology. Digital cameras are great, but I do miss my old 35mm film camera. I still keep a scrapbook, but printing out the photos from my digital camera is such a task, I tend to put it off. I rarely get printed out versions of my photos. Instead, I keep my photos on my computer or share them online, where they sit in a folder somewhere.

Digital photography has its benefits though:

  • You can choose which photos you want to get printed out, saving loads of money.
  • The ability to edit means no more bad photos, hooray.
  • You can combine images and add text.
  • Fast and easy way of organizing your photos.

The problem with online sharing today is that there’s no privacy. Anyone can access your information. Even things that have security on it have a way of getting out. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is great, especially for sharing information quickly, and that’s a major bonus. Just say goodbye to privacy.

Computers also have a tendency of failing out of the blue, so if you don’t backup your photos, everything could be lost. They say if you have photo albums, you should make a copy of the pictures and store them outside of your home in case of a fire. In the case of a computer failure, you could upload them to a free online photo storage site, like Photobucket or Flickr, and they’ll be there forever. Unless the site goes corrupt of course.

Photographs are probably the most prized possession to most people. They’re irreplaceable, so take good care of them!


MacBook Fail Scare

Last week, I had my first computer break down scare while working on the midterm project for Photoshop. Most of you would wholeheartedly agree that it’s one of the worst realizations in the world, up there with losing your wallet, or forgetting that your cell phone was in your pants pocket and it’s going through the washing machine (unfortunately, I’ve had both happen before)!

What Happened?

I was on a roll. Finally after a week of stressing out and even dreaming about that ever so time-consuming Photoshop project, I had finished! Only thing left to do was to save it, and how hard could that be? Apparently quite difficult in my case. I was literally 2 seconds away to save when suddenly, the screen went black!

The first thing I did was try the “On” button. Nothing. Wait a few seconds maybe?… Nope! Uh-oh. I must’ve grown about 30 gray hairs at that moment.

Tricky Laptop!

Do these MacBooks warn you when the battery is running low? I wouldn’t know, because I was listening to music in my room (helps me and my brain study), and I couldn’t hear anything.

That warning beep, if there was one, would’ve saved me loads of worry! Finally looking down, I noticed that the power adapter wasn’t plugged in; I must’ve kicked it out somehow in a fit of rage while Photoshopping for 5 hours straight! Poor laptop had been running on batteries for who knows how long! Silly feet.

Lesson Learned

Now I’ve never had a computer completely crash on me while working on something important (knock on wood) but some of my friends had things happen where they had to send their computer away to get fixed, and lose everything that was on there. So I was highly advised to get that external hard drive to backup my work, but I thought, hey, my computer is brand new, and I haven’t gotten into the huge projects yet, so I thought I’d wait.

Well, last weekend I took a trip over to my local NCIX store and forked over $90 for that backup hard drive. It shall be a pricey but much needed investment! Other things I learned:

  • Check to see if you’re computer is actually plugged in when it shuts down unexpectedly
  • Save what you’re doing every 30 minutes, no matter what you’re doing
  • Don’t listen to music so loud, your computer might be trying to tell you something!

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