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Final Projects

One week left until summer break, and I’m both stoked and dreading it. Just want to finish the final projects and exams, and get Term 1 behind me.

Thought I’d share what I was working on for my Photoshop poster project. It’s a event promo poster for a fictitious magic show, with an Alice in Wonderland twist to it. It was one of my favourite books as a child, so it was really fun to work on.


I got the idea for the design from a lot of things. In that Acrobat class where we talked about colour calibration when changing an Illustrator file into a PDF, the instructor had this picture (I guess he made?) of the Cheshire cat. I thought it was really neat, how everything weaved up while the text wrapped around the image. It was a cool idea. (Thanks Mike!)

Cheshire Cat

Also, what better way to find ideas for creative design than playing videogames? One in particular that sparked my interest was American McGee’s Alice by Rogue Entertainment. It’s a creepy spin on the classic tale we all know, presenting a much darker and twisted side. The Cheshire cat in this case is not a fat, plumpy purple kitty, but an emaciated skeleton with a devilish grin and an earring.

American McGee's Alice

American McGee's Alice

My Project

In my case, I decided my “Cheshire cat” would be a tiger, to keep with the tiger-jumping-through-ring-of-fire magic show theme. I also got some more ideas for another poster I’m going to try to work on during some down time. Oh yeah, I guess I should actually show you what I made!

Magic in Wonderland

Magic in Wonderland

(It’s a super huge file, so I had to convert it to a JPEG, hence the fuzziness.)

Anyway, I’d love to see what other people have been working on too! From what I can see from sitting at the back of the class, spying on everyone’s laptops (hehe), there’s some impressive stuff out there!


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