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Elders of the Internet

Eeek! Haven’t updated in a very long while! Term 2 was just extremely hectic and crazy… and fast! But now I’m back to the old blog, and this time, I’m going to use it to share some of the things I’ve worked on in these 6 months, as well as the odd posts about funny and neat things I see going around the Internet. Which reminds me of something I saw on a British television show, The IT Crowd. The two guys, Moss and Roy, are tech dudes from the IT department and Jen is head of the department, despite knowing nothing about computers at all. Moss and Roy have a little fun and take advantage of this:

I wonder who else is on the Elders of the Internet panel? Stephen Hawking seems like a good candidate. Maybe Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web? Bill Gates even?