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PowerPoint Troubles

Sure they’re handy, but when it comes down to making PowerPoint presentations and flowcharts, be prepared for some major hair-pulling.

I’ve never touched PowerPoint before. I was always an old-fashioned poster board kind of person. I’m not too crazy about teachers who use it because it makes me completely lazy. Honestly, knowing that all the notes are up on the screen and that I can just print them out later, I tend to not pay attention or write my own notes. Don’t know what is it about PowerPoint presentations; maybe it has something to do with the standard blue screen/white font that every instructor uses. Well, I’m sorry, it’s boring. They can never hold my attention long enough. PowerPoint? More like SnoozePoint to me.

Does anyone else feel empathy here? I know I have definitely had some of those same thoughts. It really does feel like you’re being held hostage, that’s how torturous it is for me!

Then when I found out we could make flowcharts in Powerpoint, the words, “oh joy,” came to mind. It took me a good four hours to finish one simple little flowchart. It wasn’t even the planning of the content, it was making sure the boxes lined up perfectly, and fit right on the page. Some of the problems I’m having with PowerPoint flowcharts are:

  • Fitting everything on one page. I’m using font size 5, and it’s tiny!
  • It doesn’t let you quickly zoom in and out, unless there’s a keyboard shortcut I don’t know about. I tried using Photoshop shortcuts in there, with no avail.
  • Those connecting arrows don’t go where you want them to. They’ll be the death of me, I’m sure of it.

So if there’s anyone who likes making PowerPoint presentations and flowcharts out there, I need some tips and advice! I want to be your friend. 🙂


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